As a complimentary service, the DeBearj staff will happily inspect and clean your jewelry at no charge. All cleaning and inspection is performed on-site and can be done as you wait. Upon inspection, if any defects are present, we will not hesitate to notify and help point you in the best possible course of action in order to successfully repair your fine piece of jewelry.









To keep your jewelry looking fabulous, regular cleaning is essential. Precious metals, gemstones and diamonds will pick up oils from your hands and dirt from the environment, causing a build-up of a film that will gradually diminish lustre and sparkle over time.

Designs featuring multiple or small diamonds, such as pave settings, are susceptible to having tons of small stones come out. It is recommended that these styles are maintained with extra care and consideration. Addressing problems before they worsen is the key to years of worry-free enjoyment.


• Check your jewelry regularly for any problems such as loose stones,
thinning of bands and broken, worn, or lifted prongs. If your rings is
catching on clothing, feels rough to the touch, or there is an opening under
the claw tip, then special treatment is necessary.

• Close attention should be given to clasps on necklace as these consist of moving
parts. It is important to ensure they are always in good working order.

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